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[Free] OSA Yugg Mk1


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A 4 gun meta fighter designed to be my ideal cheap assault ship. My newest design prototype. Comes in autocannon, laser and plasma variants.

5th of 6 free ships to be released everyday leading up to Eos Con.



4 mounted weapons with a staggered fire trigger system.

Shoot_1+ and Shoot_2+ are your triggers, bind these to your weapon hotkey (space by default).

Rapidfire button switches between staggered fire (gun 2 will stagger behind gun 1 creating a machine gun effect) and alpha strike (both guns fire together).

BoostMin and BoostMax act as a aim keybind without yolo (yolo is avoided where possible due to the 0.2 delay) these should ALWAYS be bound to the same key.

Ship is set to both fly and aim at a smooth sensitivity (tune to your taste), Boost keybind removes these limits allowing for faster pitch/yaw.

This can be altered to be the more common method of aiming, having higher sense as standard, and having the ships pitch/yaw slow down for aiming. (Swap the BoostMin/BoostMax Off values with its On values, remember to set it in the pitch/yaw lever fields too)

Armoured using known methods of meta plating, including big plate health, voxel armour, segmented and layered plating and plasma/rail sacrifice plates.

Its primarily plated using char across the front face of the ship, alloys are on the side/rear armour..

145 m/s max speed using T2 thrusters.

1485110.12 kg in weight.

Two small prop tanks for 2 million prop, 50 mins estimated flight time.

2 T1 fuel chamber, 6 T1 generators, 6 T1 enhancers, 50 mins estimated fight time

Uses basic FCU, no reverse, roll is performed using Roll_L and Roll_R buttons, this is to allow fast handling by isolating the roll thrusters from the FCU/MFC.

Entry is through a small gap on both sides of the glass.


Aeg 6.6 stacks (11480 kv)

Aja 1.3 stacks (2163 kv)

Ali (Alloy) 1.6 stacks (2751 kv)

Bal (Alloy) 0.0 stacks (20 kv)

Bas 20.3 stacks (35062 kv)

Bas (Alloy) 0.7 stacks (1280 kv)

Cha 25.1 stacks (43360 kv)

Exo 1.1 stacks (1860 kv)

Glass (Alloy) 0.9 stacks (1575 kv)

Ice 1.6 stacks (2816 kv)

Kar 0.2 stacks (385 kv)

Kut 0.1 stacks (258 kv)

Nhu 6.7 stacks (11602 kv)

Vok 20.1 stacks (34721 kv)

Total ore 86.4 stacks (149332 kv)

Assembly cost 94061 credits

Manufacturing cost 650837 credits

Total cost 744898 credits

Stats based on autocannon, laser and plasma versions will differ.


The Yugg was made to fill a need for a meta tanked light fighter that could still be mass built easily while providing enough guns and armour go head to head with the best.

It takes heavy inspiration from Pandora's Box, and there dangerous 4/8/12 gun fighter line-up, which has shown to be a fantastic ship setup.

Almost all of the frontal armour is char, making this an aggressive front line brawler.

While this ship is a a orbit dogfighter, it is small enough to be used in gravity, making it perfect for escorting VIP's.

Like all my ships, care has been taken to ensure the silhouette is as symmetrical as possible, so as to reduce skilled pilots ability to isolate weakpoints (Like the cockpit)

Its also recommended to adjust your angle of attack when orbiting, to spread damage across different plates, reducing the chance of a busted plate or a pen shot.

This can be done by rolling the ship, or by turning opposite to the orbit and transitioning into a joust.

4 guns are a minimum for dealing with competent meta fighters.

Best employed as a moon gate escort ship, a station/cap ship defence fighter, or as an intro meta fighter for newer combat pilots taking a more leading role in frontline dogfighting.

It is also the middle ground of weapons value, autocannon, laser and plasma versions have near continuous firing guns, making all 3 excellent investments.


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Common Statistics

Assembly Cost:

94,061 credits


Dry Weight:

1,485,110.12 kg

Dry Max Speed:

145 m/s


2,000,000 units

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