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Digger Donut

Ring Theory


Range: 1,965,600 km

The Digger Donut is exactly what it sounds like. It is a donut that digs. Taking the torus to the next level, we have devised a ship you can effectively mine in while making others salivate over your sugary looks. With a solid number of cargo containers and decent speed, this is the perfect ship for safe zone mining or just parking outside the SSC to collect gawking eyes for your collection. Packed full of features and room for custom functionality, this ship will satisfy your sweet tooth. - 144 Cargo Containers - 130m/s Empty, 75m/s full --- - 3 Fuel Rod Refills worth of rod storage - 12 Medium Propellant Tanks - 4 Generator Sets (1 rod, 1 chamber, 3 generators) --- - Dedicated Mining Mode - 4 Pulsing mining lasers that auto-adjust their aim to a rangefinder - Material scanner that displays ore type, amount, and asteroid class - Resource bridge with togglable InFlow and OutFlow --- - Quad ISAN 2.5 + Velocity - Cruise and Turtle - Gas and Rod Timers - Togglable automatic generator management - Radiator-only system with radiation tracking - Pitch/Yaw/Roll Control Tweaking **Disclaimer**: I do **not** guarantee the functionality of this ship outside the safe zone. There are some questionable thruster overlapping spots and it's rather creaky while opening and closing the front hatches. I'm not sure the hinges are very happy...

BP: 500 K

Dune PropRunner 1d

Windsor Engineering


Range: 1,718,280 km

The Dune PropRunner is designed for transporting propellant & fuel rods over large distances traveling at ~129m/s. As a lone ship can reach up to 18.9 million km using fuel rods & propellant in storage. This ship focuses on efficiency to greatly reduce consumption allowing the ship only needing to refuel every ~3.7hrs for fuel and ~6.10 for prop (using main thrust only). Ship storage have 32 Million propellant (8 medium tanks), 720 Million propellant (80 large tanks) and 88 racks of fuel rods. There are 2 propellant systems: engine controls using piping and propellant storage using ducts. Each Tank has a mechanical switch that is off by default and must be turned on to refuel other ships. In Case of Explosion: most likely case, section of the ship is lost. worst case scenario the pilot and thrusters survive. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stats: -Warp Class: 2.21 -Speed: ~128.8 -T2 Thrusters: 70 (48 Box Main 32 Triangle 6 Box) -Chambers: 8 - Units: 24 - Radiators: 32 -Range Finders: 28 -Storage: 720 M Prop (80 Large Tanks) - 88 Fuel Racks (10 T1 - 78 T2) -Prop Capacity: 32 M (8 Medium Tanks) -Prop Time: 3.98 Hrs to 6.10 Hrs -Gen Time: 1.39 Hrs to 3.70 Hrs Side Notes: -"Prop & Gen Time is from Max Consumption to Minimal Consumption" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Key Features: -Isan (Waypoint) -Flight Computer -Refuel -Basic Ship System (AutoGen, Energy Flow, Basic AutoAvoid, Aim, Slow, Cruise, Hardbrake, Ping)

Ship: 1.5 M
BP: 1.25 M

Fueldorah Pylon MK-1

Hyperion Trading Co.


Range: 1,000,000 km

Hyperion Trading Co. Presents the all-new Fueldorah Pylon! This monolithic refueler ship is great for all your deep space exploration needs! Want to set up station lines to Zone 5? look no further for the best company ship around! Keep all your largest ships full till you get to your destination and return home if need! Features the following! - 1,188,000,000 Units of Propellent! - Experimental Landing script "Moon Landing" - Rapid-Tricast-Astroid Avoidance-System "Testing Phase" - Vertical Moon Range finders to help land in a tower configuration - Resource management systems - Full fuel control systems. This will keep up with your fastest ships 150ms being the head of your fleet! use the extra supplied ore crates if you need to hold ice deep in the belt! Hyperion Trading Co. Bringing you great ships at low prices!

Ship: 2 M
BP: 300 K


Roman Shipyard


Range: 130,000 km

I small 96 cargo dual-laser miner dubbed "the TadPole" capable of warp travel and meant for slipping into the Belts un-noticed.

BP: 200 K

Solar_Longrange mk1



Range: 73,689 km

The pinnacle of affordable, long range, solar space exploration is finally here! Solar_Longrange mk1 is the solution for affordable high speed long range deployment! Boasting 450,000,000 propellant this ship can 100% sustain power from the sun! **INCREDIBLE 73,500km range** **144m/s with included t3 nozzles - refit t2 nozzles for even more cost savings!*** Extremely cost effective compared to other long range ships! $499,000 to print! This ship design has traveled to unknown 1 and its satellites! Proven design with important life/ship saving features! -afk mode makes sure your ship won't turn due to glitches, desync, and connection issues -solarspin mode rotates the ship on axis to keep the sun within 10 degrees of the panels -Easily accomodates removable warp core -Easily accomodates crafting benches to extend your range to inifnity! -Dedicated LARGE refuelling tank/system to refill propellant in the field!

Ship: 1.5 M
BP: 250 K




Range: 72,000 km

Gluttony is mainly a long range refuel station for Zone 4-5 or Moon Operations. It is plasma driven to hit 150m/s. Gluttony can refuel up to 4 ships at once by separating the fuel systems via a multi hinge system. Designed to be taken out to zone 5, refuel until less than 50 mil prop is left and then refueled at an origin station. It bypasses all the time you would spend hand crafting large prop refills. Recommended for groups of players/factions gathering in one area inside of a safe zone. Currently no YOLOL on board. No Avoidance. On/Off Generator state since the ship only goes from A to B. I Would Highly Recommend NOT getting shot in this. Unless you want a very expensive firework. Currently Prop Readout isn't working correctly, might be due to the 4 separate gas stored resource networks? Probably Just made a simple mistake. 24 Generators T3 40 Fuel Chambers T3 40 Battery Heat 5700 Dissipation 12500 134/Hr Prop 7.93/Hr Fuel Rods Top Speed 150m/s When Empty Top Speed 145-148m/s When Full [Calculated using StabaseCodes] Range 72,360 MAX (Empty) Crates 100 (Usually full of Exorium) Large Prop Tanks : 456 4,104,000,000 Four Billion, One hundred Million Prop. 3919 Stacks of Ore to Craft. Aegisium: 412 Ajatite: 15 Arkanium: 150 Bastium: 138 Charodium: 176 Corazium: 30 Exorium: 17 ICE: 2375 Karnite: 10 Kutonium: 83 Lukium: 98 Nhurgite: 16 Vokarium: 293 Ymrium: 107 Price Pre Yolo and Fixes is 1mil Available on the HLA Discord

BP: 1 M




Range: 51,000 km

This is a simple Fuel tanker, made to keep your deep station ships fueled! It also includes the 3 crafting benches in the aft, so you can craft whenever and wherever! Get to where you are going safely with the Anti Asteroid rangefinders on the front, ensuring you can operate anywhere in the belts! Update 9/13/21: added warp core, ported in 2.0 version of AA system. fixed loose wiring causing small yaw imbalance This makes a great support ship to park in your deep stations, providing both fuel and a way to craft parts/repair ships if they become non-functional near your station. Features: -792 million propellent -288 T2 fuel rods -practically unlimited range -approx 135 m/s speed with no ores. -6 t2 fuel input units, 3 generators per -96 t2 triangle thrusters forward drive -32 triangle thrusters attitude control, extremely responsive pitch and yaw, roll is sluggish. -24 crates of storage to bring repair materials along -Tool wall under pilot seat to bolt hand-tools to (tools not included in BP) -1 passenger seat to pickup suspicious hitchikers -3 crafting benches in aft compartment -5 Resource ports, 1 in pilot section, 4 in aft to fuel up multiple ships at once. -AA system, with simple YOLOL scripts to keep you in one piece! -Deflector beams on front as a second line of defense against asteroids! -Stylish Minecraft inspired texture to remind you that 90% of the ship is explodable! -ISAN mono, latest version -cruise, turtle mode -transponder

BP: 500 K

Solar_Explorer mk2



Range: 45,000 km

144m/s full load - will max out as she burns prop. 16 T2 Box 16 T2 Triangle thrusters can run for 91:18 prop limited on 30 large prop tanks. This ship is built to augment Rods with Solar power - she should be able to sustain a 48,000KM trip. Fly for days just on a single set of rods. Extras to handle flying in the shadows. This is part of my utility series. No frills - cheap to make - gets the job done. Solar Explorer mk2 has traveled well over 100,000 km and made several moon / satellite landings Includes rotational yolo to keep the sun in line with the panels Includes an 'autothrust' yolo that is necessary for very long trips on solar ships Includes simple gen yolo that works best with solar

BP: 250 K

U.S.S. Enterprise

Grim Industries


Range: 40,000 km

The time has finally come for my Starbase Grim Industries U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 to go up for sale. I want to preface this with the ship isn't perfect. There is probably a ton of work that could still be done but after over 50 hours and hitting all the limits of the builder you can, bolts, voxels, ducts and decals I think this is where I will leave it for now. The main use case for this ship is exploration. The ship is equipped with 80 Large propellant tanks and almost 500 solar panels. The ship also has scripts to keep the ship rotating for better solar power and to turn off forward thrust if the batteries are low until they recharge. Now will this ship reach the furthest moons out there? No, the ship is too big and heavy for that to be possible but will it be able to hop from moon to moon with careful planning? Yes in my tests the flight time is over 100 hours at around 120 meters per second. The ship is also equipped with all the crafting benches, a reconstruction machine, hardpoints for weapons and torpedoes, extra fuel rods and ore containers for exorium fuel to refill. The ship has 81 batteries but they do drain quickly if you do not have enough sunlight but also has a script to keep the generators working to whatever rate they need. This can be turned from low power, base 50 and full power modes via a 3-way switch. The ship is also equipped with the latest in the Signa Trope navigation system by Silverzero. This is still in alpha and may need work. The ship is also able to operate with the bottom half of the ship detached and fly just as the saucer. The can be done by manually separating the two parts at the neck. It will not fly very fast if you do this but is pretty maneuverable. I really hope you guys enjoy this and it will inevitably be upgraded as time goes on and building limits are increased. If you have any questions feel free to message me on discord at Justin Kemple#8109 or Justingrim in the starbase discord or find me on reddit where I post regular updates :)

BP: 5 M

STV Hopper

Hyperion Trading Co.


Range: 36,000 km

This is the New Station Transportation Vehicle / STV Hopper! This is Hyperion Trading Co.'s New most budget-friendly ship! Created from the ground up to help new players get into something quickly that is robust and fun to fly! This is a lightweight very maneuverable vehicle used for getting around from station to station. You can build it with or without the tables and whatever extra items you can attach! The balance should be all the same. This is Moon-ready "No landing or Hover scripts included yet" with extra underbelly thrusters and range finders underneath to make smooth and easy landings! Extra Reinforced been landing beam legs to make sure no plates get knocked off! **Features** 1. 6 Medium Propellent Tanks 2. Twin Fuel Cell Generators 3. 12 Batteries 4. Quad Isan Navigation 5. All Crafting Tables 6. Underbelly Range Finders "Moon Ready/not setup"

Ship: 175 K
BP: 75 K

Solar Explorer MK-1



Range: 30,000 km

Urza-S-hips is proud to present to you our first of its class, The Solar Explorer! A barebones explorer vessel that has top performance in its class! Over 3 days of travel time! (or approx 30,000k) Cruise at a solid 120m/s 8 Solar Panel ran on a intelligent script to keep them always at the best angle! ( Keep in mind planets/moons can block the sun) Custom scripting Free lifelong tech support to those that buy Urza-S-hips and free blue print upgrades to those that buy the BP's Ship Design and Yolol Scipting credited to Spyingwind

Ship: 750 K
BP: 1.5 M

ISS-FuelRat MK1



Range: 27,592 km

The ISS-FuelRat MK1 is the first of the propellant hauler series from the ISS-Structures. It's purpose is to extend the other ship's range, as a companion, by providing them a large ammount of propellant. It is also can be used, to help other ships which ran out of fuel, since it is a fast ship equipped with an emergency brake in case of collision trajectory, and has decent maneuverability. (It is not an auto pilot, just an emergency break) The idea came from the popular community unity formed in the game called Elite Dangerous. Specifications: All the generators, thrusters, fuel chambers, fuel rods, and manouver thrusters are tier 2 - 32 triangle thruster (Main thrust) - 8 manouver thruster (Brake thrust) - 16 manouver thruster (Up/Down/Left/Right thrust) - 18 batteries - 2 fuel chambers - 6 generators - 144 million propellant - 8 additional fuel rod racks - Transponder - Turtle mode - Cruise mode - Brake system with sound indicator. - ISAN MONO Navigation system - Generator usage controller system -Varius lights scripts (2 mode) - Flight time script, which shows: The remaining time based on the propellant's maximum consupsion. The remaining time based on the fuel's current consumpsion. DM me in discord for more details.

Ship: 550 K
BP: 1 M

Centurion Falcon Mk ll

JamsJelly Edition


Range: 22,000 km

The Centurion Falcon MK ll - More realistic design (completely redesigned rear section) - Ship exterior styling update (exterior pipes boxes/decals) - Entire wall of ship data - Classic drop down ramp entrance on drivers side. (completely hidden inside and out) - Operational landing gear with hidden storage when not in use. 2 stages of movement - Full triangle thruster set up which has an overall increase in thrust from MK l - Hidden Cargo space can hide 2 endo's inside - On board fuel, propellant, time, and speed calculator (speed NOT based on Isan) -Isan single -Doors and ramp close after 5500 thrust input -Upgradable hardpoints for 2 mining lasers and top resource bridge can be replaced with collector (made with enough generators to sustain mining lasers) -Refueling transfer in and out port (ducted) -Dedicated fuel only port -Eco Generator script -Turtle, Cruise, GEN on/off -Fully ducted {1 duct piece at each prop. tank and gen pipe connection} (excluding resource containers fully piped and cabled) -18 spare fuel rods -36 Million propellant -55 resource containers -10 generators -8 cooling cell slots (4 racks) -1400 coolant -Tier 1- 62m/s -Tier 2 - 62m/s (something breaking causing it to slow down unable to find the 1 thing breaking) Top/bot fuel rod hatches + service hatch arkanium/kutonium used for lights only (can be removed) Disclaimer: This was hard to build, extremely hard to plate, a NIGHTMARE to balance. 2 months of time and id say around 150-200 casual hours (Price Reflects This) That being said there are 4 crates inside the ship that should be filled with either Charodium or Exorium 100% of the time for balance purposes. (this has its own resource bridge on the interior of the ship) 106,000 KG weight to the front left for good balance = Exorium

Ship: 3 M
BP: 10 M




Range: 13,500 km

The Supertanker provides massive refueling capabilities to your fleet, transporting 2.970.000.000 propellant (330 large tanks) at a speed of 150m/s. It is fitted with a warp core for moon missions and a passenger compartment for 50 endos. The ship also comes equipped with all three crafting benches preinstalled, making the Supertanker a viable option for use as mobile base of operations. Specs: - Speed: 150m/s - 330 large propellant tanks (2.970.000.000 propellant) - Range of 13500km (limited by fuel rods) - 72 Reserve rods T2 - 18 Fuel Chambers T2 - 54 Generators T3 - ISAN - Service Clock - Fuel and Propellant time clocks - Refueling FlowIn and FlowOut controls - Transponder - No generator warmup needed for cold start - Navigation lights - Basic, Advanced and Tool crafting benches

Ship: 12.5 M
BP: 20 M


Roman Shipyard


Range: 12,000 km

RoidPlow A OP 300 cargo fast miner that's designed Mine the safe zone with its giant Plow like extremity that easily funnels roids into its 6 Constant Laser Array that Vaporises roids in seconds. Its so effective it should be illegal.

BP: 400 K


Godsilla´s Ships


Range: 10,000 km

The LongRanger is a Long Range Exploring/Hauling Ship with a WarpDrive and a Reconstruction Machine on Board. It has ISAN 2.5.3 and a Compass for Navigation and a very Safe Asteroid Avoidance System. sry for poor english...

BP: 2.5 M

Annihilator Torpedo Frigate



Range: 8,000 km

*pictures might show additional features, which are not included in the base model* **__Description:__** Since the beginning of the closed alpha ORION has been designing combat ships, ready to take on any challenge they may encounter and with the ever changing complexity of space combat, we now bring you our newest weapon the ANNIHILATOR Torpedo Frigate. This multi role weapon platform is designed to take anything out of the sky at the press of a button. Featuring 12 torpedo tubes with advanced tube selection and the newest tech in the cockpit, you can be sure that your strike will hit its destination. Fitted with a utility bay, in which a warp core, crafting benches, a respawn machine or even a deployment bay can be placed, your ship is always well suited for the scenario you are facing. With the newest state of the art ORION Navigation System you can be sure to find your destination even with your eyes closed. And don't think the ANNIHILATOR can't stand its ground, with two autcannon turrets even smaller targets can be taken care of. Now its your choice, will you adapt to the change? **__Features:__** - ISAN Quad - Automated ship systems - Combat focused armor - Durable cabling and piping throughout the ship - 12 Torpedo tubes - Transponder with ping feature - Radiator Cooling - Gunner Seat - and many more depending on your configuration **__Want to test it out first?__** If you are not sure about your purchase yet, please contact us with the information provided on the right site in the creator profile. We may address any concerns you have or take you on a test flight inside the ship. **__How to buy?__** To buy the ship please head over to our ship configuration form ( ), there you will be guided step by step to your new warship.

Ship: 8 M

Solaris Explorer MK II



Range: 7,050 km

A small, purely solar powered scout spaceship with 5 engines that is controlled in 2 groups. Drive and navigation engines are separated from each other in order to save fuel. When the energy is full, the excess energy is used up again in a boost. Values differ depending on the use of the engine - Speed: 85m/s-113m/s-145m/s - Range: 7050km-6250km-4800km - Flight time: 22h-15h-9h Scripts and extras: - ISAN 2.5 Mono - Evadedrive (dodge script) - Solardrive MKII (automatic control of the drives depending on the incoming energy with manual bypass switch) - Timescript for battery and fuel remaining time - Ore scanner - Delta (compass) - Tutel button - Aim button - Isan block button button indicator for: - Savezone - Damage zone - Station allowed Flight time and range are only dependent on propellant gas and can be greatly increased with pocket refueling. - Ship Cost with Ore - 65k - Ship Cost no Ore - 200k

Ship: 65 K

SJI Hercules

SkyJak Industries


Range: 7,020 km

The SJI Hercules is a heavy hauler for when you don't want to compromise on speed or cargo space. A 16 ring plasma engine, a warp core, and a flight endurance of over 20 hours will get you and your 1024 crates of cargo anywhere you need to go, and quickly. Installed scripts include an advanced multi-function display, ISAN, generator management, and endurance calculator. Also includes 4 resources bridges both front and rear as well as a large compliment of additional passenger seats. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. Before making a decision, you may test fly the ship in safezone. 2. We deliver the ship for free on any Origin station. 3. Bulk purchases will be discounted. 4. 7 Day Limited Warranty is included. 5. You can pay with only credits, or both credits and ore. By purchasing a ship you agree to our Terms of Service. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Price: Credit only cost - 17,500,000 Credit and ore cost - 6,500,000 + ore ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Specs: - Speed when empty 150 m/s - Speed when full 105 m/s - Plasma Thruster - 8 Resource ports - 30 Rangefinders - 1024 Resource Crates - 60 Large Propellant Tanks - 48 Generator Units - 96 Radiators - ISAN Quad - Transponder - Fuel & Propellant time left calculator - ~14 hours flight time. - Fast Warp Core - MFD (Multi Function Display) ---> Resource Page Setting Page Intel Page Navigation Page (ISAN) Coordinate Page The Pilots are able to set their own sensitivity (Yaw/Pitch/Roll). Sensitivity Profiles Coordinates You can name and save locations (Up to 5 Coords) (Name Coord via universal tool on the Name panel, you have to navigate to a free coord space, and save it with green button or delete it with red button)[More information in the manual] - We are able to put a name of your choice/your company on the front wing sides per request. - Manual Link: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ore Cost: Aegisium - 198977 KV (123.5 stacks) Ajatite - 18177 KV (11.4 stacks) Arkanium - 207316 KV (122.8 stacks) Bastium - 528519 KV (312.4 stacks) Charodium - 272889 KV (173.1 stacks) Corazium - 45775 KV (26.5 stacks) Exorium - 21091 KV (14.5 stacks) Ice - 540000 KV (312.5 stacks) Karnite - 15400 KV (8.9 stacks) Kutonium - 115270 KV (66.7 stacks) Lukium - 133772 KV (77.4 stacks) Nhurgite - 16355 KV (9.5 stacks) Valkite - 463 KV (We provide this) Vokarium - 292421 KV (191.9 stacks) Ymrium - 142833 KV (82.7 stacks) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Ship: 17.5 M
BP: 150 M


Suncy Shipyards


Range: 7,000 km

This is an **armored mining ship** that can also be used as a hauler with it's Asteroid Avoidance system and it's capacity of 420 crate. The Nama as a decent speed with 145m/s empty, 125m/s fully loaded with 15t per crate and 112m/s with maximum weight. The installed **mining system** is quite useful, with asteroid approach system, auto aiming laser and a material point scanner. You have everything you need to find a good asteroid, approach it easily and mine it fast with the 9 mining laser. **Incredible range** of 14h of flight time or over 7000 km in propellant, with solar panel providing all the power needed when the ship is not in use saving your fuel rod from depleting when Idle. The Nama is also equipped with enhancer to increase the life time of your fuel rod. If you need more, there is a full change of fuel rod inside the ship and the crafting table to refueled them. Made with **redundancy** in mind coming with a closet stock with spare part for easy repair, a emergency cooling system and a refueling station safely tuck in the ship. With all the crafting table inside the ship, you can also craft your own spare part if need be. Here is the company discord link to **buy** the ship # Hardware - 9 mining Lasers and 2 ore collectors - All crafting table present (do not forget to add the upgrade) - A spacious interior with space to expand if you want to add feature - Labeled YOLOL rack with many free space for easy adding of feature - Armored in Agesium, with Charodium for important system - A medium propellant tank inside the ship for refueling - 18 solar panel to handle the idle power load keeping your fuel rod from depleting when afk # Feature - Asteroid Avoidance System with 4 direction dodge, it will also break to help dodging - Emergency cooling system if the radiator get damaged - ISAN 2.5 - Asteroid Approach System - Material Point Scanner with script - Transponder with a ping (10s) feature - Laser Pulsing mode - Safezone Indicator - Ship Strength factor - Station indicator - Custom turtle mode with different speed for each direction - Automatic turning off when reloading the ship of AAS, cruise mode, Mining Mode and Laser for safety reason # FAQ **What does the FullCargo button do ?** It is use to change the default speed when in AAS mode, which is reduce for added safety, from 69% FCU to 100% FCU. So when you pressed it I will make the ship use more thrust to keep the speed up when you are carrying cargo. **Is there no turtle mode ?** Yes there is, It will activate automatically when the mining mode is turn on. **Why are the mining laser not firing** There is many safety feature on this ship and they will only fire if the mining mode is turn on. **What does the mining mode do ?** Activate the ore collector and ore scanner and will keep the generator at 50% so the laser always have enough power. **How good is the asteroid avoidance ?** I could never guarantee a 100% collision free system because I do not think it is possible currently in the game, but I can say that after many thousand of kilometer of flying the collision are rare and usually easy to repair.

BP: 800 K

Red Line Refueler

Phoenix Shipyard


Range: 7,000 km

Red Line Refueler this ship was designed as a refueling ship for station hopping, or setting up. it does have an extreme range, 7,000km is on the low side due to built in economy scripts. there are 3 fuel systems onboard. the main system which is used for both the ships flight and refueling other ships, is 48 large propellant tanks. it has 2 extra systems with 2 large tanks each. these tanks are setup to be used for ease of refueling the main fuel grid. two tanks on each side in red brackets are set for easy crafting of fuel and placement. on each side of the crafting area it has 2 bridges these are configured to take the fuel from the aux system into the main system. the central bridge is for cargo storage access for crafting purposes. this ship has been setup with 40 spare fuel rods, this is 5 full rod change outs before needing to recraft the rods. there are 16 spare coolant cells in recharge holders incase of need for any ship. the internal radiator system is far more then this ship could ever require. the Red Line is outfitted with the latest in avoidance systems, with a 0.2ms delay and an 8 way maneuver capability. just press the CA (Collision Avoidance) button. it has 2 passenger seat for your buddies to ride along with you. and a rotating pilot seat, well why not. also included in the ship is ISAN quad with up to 30 waypoint system, and a fast travel drive. this ship is a lot more agile then it looks, and capable of dodging in combat situations if needed. it is currently outfitted with a full tier 2 power and thrust package, but that can be upgraded as per request. the paint job can be customized to you company colors at no additional cost. contact me on discord at Faalzin#6078 or in game at Faalzin.

Ship: 5 M

Sutler Mk1P

Spiral Designs


Range: 6,500 km

(Long distance prospector) Max speed miner with 160 crates, capable of going 130-140m/s with full cargo. Has flight time of ~12 hours and range of ~7000 km. Warp ready. Cold start to max speed. Outfitted with 4 mining lasers and automatic mining script with adjustable pattern. Can sustain constant laser fire on warmed up reactor. Has an automatic collision prevention system with decent RF coverage. Specs: -160 crates -150 m/s unladen (130-140m/s Full, depending on the ore) -Compass by Firestar99 -Warp Core -12 hours of flight time -32 Medium Propellant tanks -30 T2 Generators, 5 enhanced chambers -(5+35) Fuel rods total -48 Batteries -4 mining lasers, 1 collector, ISANv2.5(Q), Ore Scanner, All workbenches -Thrusters (All T2 Triangle): -114 Main -24 Maneuvering -16 Reverse -Decent RF coverage for collision prevention -3 Resource bridges -3 Passenger sits -Automatic mining script with adjustable pattern -Automatic collision prevention system -Total mass(unladen): 5806t

BP: 600 K

C-100 Erlang

Copenhagen Orbitals


Range: 6,300 km

a real workhorse being the medium miner in the Erlang lineup. built with feedback from customers in mind. speedy, easy to repair and less heavy aesthetic-only parts. She might not be the prettiest but she's worth the credits. **buy the entire ship for 600k with 100% credits** or ores + assembly im up for anything. --- # **Basic specs:** - 16 T2 box thrusters - 2 T2 generators - 8 extra fuel rods - 6 medium fuel tanks - 1 mining lasers - 1 ore collector - 1 ore scanner # **Advanced specs:** - collision avoidance system with alarms - automatic generator throttle script - ISAN mono - alarms for low fuel - collision avoidance will automatically stop the ship if the player exits the seat # **Notes:** - roll is slow as with the previous ship - should be extremely easy to repair - I totally didn't design this to compete with the commercially succesful workerbee by Oloneus

Ship: 600 K




Range: 5,960 km

Made with the priority of Tractor beams, Type7 is a robust, but efficient mining machine. It's speciality within the Tractor beams, which can make you multiple asteroids at once by pulling the tarkets into the front of the ship. The 12 Laser's devastating YOLOL pattern do the rest of the work for you, and with only slight movements you can double, or even triple your standard minig efficiency. Equipped with a fast travel core, and with 13 hours of flight time, you are able to go with this beast anywhere. Just make sure not to collide with the tiny fragments which remains after you (if there will be any) check the demonstration video. Specifications: - All the generators, thrusters, fuel chambers, fuel rods, and manouver thrusters are tier 2 - Top speed without cargo: 123m/s. - Top speed with cargo (common ores): 89m/s. - 144 triangle thruster (Forward thrust) - 60 Box thruster (Forward thrust) - 12 Box thruster (Backward thrust) - 4 Box thruster (Up/Down/Left/Right thrust) - 344 batteries - 720 ore containers - 24 fuel chambers - 24 enhancers - 72 generators - 252 million propellant - 24 additional fuel rod racks - Fast travel core - 4 ore colelctor - 1 material scanner - 5 tractor beam - Transponder - 12 mining laser with a custom, self written pattern - ISAN quad navigation system - Generator usage controller system - Material scanner system - Cruise mode - Turtle mode - Flight time script, which shows: - The remaining time based on the propellant's maximum consupsion. - The remaining time based on the fuel's current consumpsion. Tractor beams: - Normal mode - Focused mode - Spread mode - Included detailed user manual, and additional support in the future. DM me in discord for more details.

Ship: 12 M
BP: 12 M
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