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Happy Ship Shop


Ore Crates: 700 crates

This is the Pangasius, a heavy duty / long range / multipurpose miner It boasts 700 crates and is FAST : 150m/s empty and 139m/s when loaded with Lukium ( 27'000kg per crate ) The main goal of this ship is to be a multi-purpose ship with as little as possible compromises on the speed Thus, it is able to be used on the moon, safe zone, belts, where ever you feel like going It's main features are : - moon mining capacity ( the 2 bottom turrets and collectors can be rotated to dig the moon and the fins at the back of the ship minimise damage in case of impact ) - autopilot : set the waypoint, sit back and let the ship go by itself do it's destination autonomously ( uses a combination of Kompass / ISAN / Waypoint system / custom code ). The autopilot uses the AAS so as long as you are within ISAN range you can use it wherever - custom ground avoidance system - custom - good - AAS ( manages priorities for the top / bottom and left / right to prevent collisions on numerous and / or big objects ) - custom scanner that is fast, does not flash, can scan up to 8 different materials per object and does not require you to press 20 buttons+ to get it to work - custom warning system for generators / battery / radiators / propellant - advanced autonomy calculator ( the calculator gives the times but also the distance you can travel before having to refill the fuel and / or the rods ) - decent range ( it varies from 600 to 2200 km depending on how you use the ship => this information is given by the autonomy calculator ) - spare rods included in the BP - multiple different laser patterns for different use cases - very very good manoeuvrability and top / down movements - excellent reverse speed - fast travel included - it looks cool ! 😁 Any questions ? Check my discord, I will be more than happy to answer your questions ^^

BP: 1.25 M

[FREE] Rigger



Ore Crates: 100 crates

The Rigger is a fast medium sized mining ship. Although it has a limited autopilot and crash avoidance systems, it is mainly designed to be used in the safe zone. The blueprint is provided for free. All in game tips (in-game name Egomaniac) are appreciated. However support will be limited but I will try my best. This ship is featured in the a [Ship Showcase Video by Krawll Unchained]( and [Ship Shop Tour (German) by Softwerker]( Please give the ship a "like" if you use and enjoy the ship. [Download the blueprint]( [View the ship manual]( The Rigger (v1.1.0) is also available to buy in game at Hangar Showroom 2 of Rando 7 Ship Shop at stations with Rando ship shops. # Features The ship has the following features: - 100 Ore Crates - Standard Cruise and Turtle functions - Adjustable sensitivity system (Sloth function) - Transponder system with ping function - Two mining lasers on turrets that point towards asteroids with pulse and sweeping - Two ore collectors that point towards asteroids - Material scanner that will point towards asteroids - Approach and auto mine functions - Two external and two internal resource bridges - Auto generator rate script with adjustable minimum rate - 16 T2 generators (plus space for two more) with six T2 fuel chambers and 16 spare rods on racks - Radiators that provide more than adequate cooling, with backup cooling using coolant - Eight medium and six small propellant tanks with 38,000,000 units of propellant - Estimated flight time of 6 hours and range of 3,000km - Propellant time and fuel time panels - 40 batteries - 32 T2 box and 16 T2 triangle thrusters providing forward thrust - Four T2 triangle thrusters providing braking thrust - 40 T2 manuever thrusters with plenty of space for more - Basic crafting bench to craft refills (will need to bolt own meter upgrade for T2 refills) - Extra small propellant tank with its own resource bridge for emergency refueling - Totally unnecessary amounts of extra hardpoints (all cabled and piped) all over the ship - [ISAN Quad Waypoint System by Archaegeo]( with custom interface that supports 18 waypoints - [NavCas (Autopilot and Crash Avoidance System) by fixerid](, customised to integrate with ISAN Waypoint System, running on separate set of three ISAN Monos - [Compass by Firestar99](, customised to integrate with ISAN Waypoint System and share the receivers with NavCas - Alert panels and visualisations for obstacle detection - Timer panel - Odometer panel - Two passenger seats - Many extra slots for YOLOL or memory chips - Extension points for modules (currently untested) More detailed information can be found in the [ship manual]( # Changelog ## v1.1.2 (Current) - 27/12/2021 - Painted external hardpoints and maneuver thrusters black - Replaced two YOLOL chip readers with memory relays to allow for remapping, giving some nicer labels on the consoles - Upgraded Compass to v1.2.1 ## v1.1.1 - 16/10/2021 - Updated mining lasers script to turn off immediately when button is toggled off - Improved scanner to not "flash" results on display - Reorganised YOLOL chips and added labels to racks - Retuned approach script to be a lot more conservative and safe - Increased ship strength factor to 4.978 ## v1.1.0 (Ship Shop Version) - 27/09/2021 - Updated scripts to remove need for custom key bindings for forward, pitch and yaw - Increased ore collectors' power from 1000 to 1250 - Correctly set ore collectors' turret minimum pitch from -13 to -20 - Swapped `SafeZone`, `StrengthFactor` and Compass panels with `ForwardThrust` for better visibility - Added individual progress panels for each fuel chambers on pilot right console - Added odometer to pilot right console which shows lifetime and trip flight distances - Added name decals - Tuned approach script parameters (Thanks Rymn!) ## v1.0.1 - 25/09/2021 - Upgraded Compass to v1.1, use Compass' 3 in 1 ISAN Code and removed individual ISAN receiver codes. - Changed NavCas to share Compass receivers' code rather than Compass to share NavCas receivers' code. ## v1.0.0 - 23/09/2021 - Initial release


XF-30 Bullshark

Grim Industries


Dry Max Speed: 90 m/s

This is the Grim Industries XF-30 Bullshark. This ship is intended as a Heavy Support Fighter with space for a fast travel drive, 6 mounted weapons for the pilot, and 8 mounted weapons for the manned turrets. The ship is plated with Charodium and double plated in certain areas. The turrets are set up for both rotation, pitch, and precision mouse aiming by pressing C. The ship is equipped with 4 fuel chambers and 2 medium propellant tanks behind hinged plating for easy access. The ship is sold as a blueprint and does not come equipped with any weapons or the fast travel drive to keep the assembly cost down.

BP: 500 K


Little Dig


Range: 570 km

Ural-3007 A cosmo motorcycle created with the sole purpose of making it happen! Small, compact, it will take you anywhere but no further than 570 km and 1.9 hours of flight. The small volume of the tank is more than offset by a 2-cylinder T2 engine, which will allow you to enjoy pleasant music for 20 hours while waiting for a friend with a canister. A speed of 81.5 m / s will allow you to slowly get to the neighboring farm, where the purple exhaust of two propulsion engines will not only scare away all the chickens, but also win the heart of any robo-lady. Ural-3007 - become the first guy on the outskirts of space! Ural-3007 - construction budget of 48 000 credits and half a hat of crackers. GenControl and ISAN-mono Урал-3007 Космо-мотоцикл созданный с единственной целью -- шоб было! Маленький, компактный, домчит вас куда угодно но не далее чем 570км и 1.9 часа лёта. Небольшой объём бака, с лихвой компенсируется 2х цилиндровым т2 мотором, который позволит 20 часов наслаждаться приятной музыкой в ожидании друга с канистрой. Скорость в 81.5 м/с позволит неспешно добраться до соседнего хутора, где фиолетовый выхлоп двух маршевых двигателей, не только распугает всех куриц, но и покорит сердце любой робо-дамы. Урал-3007 -- стань первым парнем на задворках космоса! Урал-3007 -- бюджет постройки 48 000 кредитов и пол шапки сухарей. Контроль генератора и Исан-моно

BP: 100 K




Primary Thrusters: 44 units

DSR 4(Deep Space Runner), has my own coded asteroid avoidance system with complete rangefinder coverage. If LOD issues gets fixed for those phasing asteroid this ship will never hit an asteroid even at max speed, however, the phasing issue being what it is, it is recommended to fly at around 110-120m/s max to avoid running into those undetectable rocks in the belt. This ship has been tested in every belt zone on Eos and Elysium. - Easy to repair as all cables and pipes are accessible - ISAN Waypoin V3 YOLOL by Archaegeo - Material Scanner - Autogen - Crafting bench also included. - Total ship thrust is 22000000, ship weight is 2982805 kg - Speed factor is 7.37 - 6.5 speed factor is max speed 150m/s - Fully Laden with Lukium the ship will go around 125m/s I ran over 90 Lukium, 79 in ore cargo containers and rest tacked onto the ship in the frame spaces with this through Elysium gate, and another over 100 stacks of Ymirium on another run. My Sagitta Magnum MN and all my stations were built off the back of this ship. This ship has been refined to the best of my abilities, I have probably over 300 flight hours in this ship alone, and I am approaching 460hrs of Starbase play time as of posting this. This ship has made pretty much all my builds possible and paid for itself many many times over already. If you are looking for a ship to take you to a belt zone, this is it. - It has 2 large Propellant tanks, I also have on 2 small propellant tanks hooked up to refuel resource bridges to refuel quickly on the go, no large propellant tank research required to refuel for this ship. This ship does not have a Mining Laser, it was built for rare ore prospecting. BP is 500K, you can make as much as you want for yourself or corporation but are forbidden to resell or redistribute the BP.

BP: 500 K

HKAS YF-301Tyrfing



Primary Thrusters: 16 units

The YF-301 Tyrfing is a cheap, reliable and agile fighter with plenty of survivability. This fighter can reach max speed and armed with 4 laser gun. The low frontal profile also helps it avoid getting hit. Featuring aimming mode and laser sights, this is what you want if you want a fighter you can count on.

BP: 2 M

Dora-M B Series MK5

Shipwright CO


Ore Crates: 34 crates

Assembly Cost + Ore is available. This is the Tier 2 variant of the ship, T3 variant costs more Ymrium but is able to travel faster fully loaded. Designed originally to find Zone 5, which it did, this ship is well equipped to carry supplies to a distant station, and a fresh crew. It can also explore the depths of the belt on its own, carry Ice to refuel itself if needed and go even further. With two mining lasers, an ore collector and a scanner, you can also grab any of that really good ore if you stumble upon it while exploring. OR if you're moving up in ships, you can buy yourself a small miner with some very advanced features. This ship is built to get places fast. There is space for warp core but no supports installed. If you need to haul some ore back a long distance, you'll do that at a decent pace too and the AAS will make sure you get there and back safely. Features include: Dense Asteroid Avoidance System Quad ISAN and Deltas for navigation Rod and Propellant timer so you know how much time you've got left before a swap Ore scanner - always know what you're looking at Cruise and Turtle mode Generator Warmup and Economy script Optional cooling racks, in case someone damages your radiators Automatic Landing (save you some trouble on that moon surface!) Ship diagnostics script and display A set of warning lights when your transponder is on so you wont forget Without anything in the crates, this ship will travel over 2500km without any additional propellant. Even if you want to go back and forth to your long range stations, this is the ship for you! In-Game: bomblol Discord: bomblol#6367

BP: 500 K

Charybdis Mk I



Primary Thrusters: 224 units

Aerusan Aerospace and The Darp Legion have DONE IT AGAIN!! We are proud to present: The Charybdis Mk I! (Care-rib-dis) A INSANE (prototype) that is our first ever asteroid Hauler! Capable of dry speeds of 150m/s, and a INSANE 150m/s WHILE LOADED with TWO T10 or max size Charodium asteroids (Valkite OR Ajatite shell) and below. (Note, we have not yet tested Lukium or Exorium, but our purple haze math puts it at 140m/s+!) The result of a 3AM Discord call, a lot of purple haze, several streams, broken calculators, and shattered expectations: we dare say that this is the fastest Asteroid Hauler currently on the market! Don't believe us? Here is video proof! The Charybdis features a cozy cockpit with plenty of features! - ISAN 2.5.3 w/ Waypoints, Bearing and Heading, Deltas and Waypoint Reading - Light up and audio indicators for cargo lock beam acquisition - Auto Gen Script - Material Scanner with stack readout - 8 Point Laser rangefinder alignment assistance, with scripting coming soon! Again, This is a prototype, and is ONLY being sold AS IS on the market due to ENDO limitations (Voxel Limit) We really wanted to fully plate and make this a beautiful ship for you all, but hey, there always is that one ugly family member, and this would be our ugly duckling in the Darp Legion Lineup. The Charybdis will be updated to it's "complete" Mk II version will full plating once the limitations are raised. Aerusan Aeruspace, whatever we are smoking, It works!

Ship: 6 M

Fat Snake MK1

ITC Shipyard


Item Crates: 0 crates

**Fat Snake MK1** - **400 Ore Crates, that’s what this ship is about. lets not sugar-coat it. Its slow, its ugly, its cheap, its up-gradable.** - **This is a ship that will give you a simple and cheap solution for your logistic problem. Looking for a ship to haul all the ore from your station within the safe zone? This hauler is all you need. Need a big but cheap hauler for those risky expeditions into the unknown? you can wreck this one without breaking the bank. Room to spare for extra tanks, generators, thrusters, utility tools or warp drive. The frame is exposed, making working on it outside of a builder easy.** - **Speed has been calculated with the use of** *If your looking for a big more speed, the T2 version might be a better fit.* - **Designer: {ITC}Jujudos** - *Need this BP modified to your needs before purchase? Feel free to DM me on discord to discuss*

BP: 250 K

[Free] Haul Me Maybe

Faulty Designs


Assembly Cost: 223,181 credits

I'd never tried CLFs and was not about to spend >500k just to experiment with them, so this is literally a one-night experiment in building a small, fast 'roid hauler. Even with a few rocks it'll still move >130m/s. Has an array of five rangefinders, four at the corners and one directly in the center, to help guide approach & capture. Also includes my [simple ISAN-based Odometer](, because it's always fun to know how far you've gone. I genuinely didn't expect it to perform well but it has outperformed those expectations so considering that it might be helpful to others I decided to post it. Admittedly though it's not close to perfect & so offers the enterprising ship builder much room for improvement: for one, it does not have roll at the moment and I was way too lazy to bother tweaking it *ad infinitum* to enable it. Handles very well on all other axes, though! :wink: As the creator is incredibly lazy, the blueprint may be [downloaded immediately]( at no cost. For exactly the same reason, it is provided with absolutely no warranty or support. Instead, it's offered on a pay-what-you-believe-is-fair donation basis: the minimum is simply a request to send a message to the creator (`Fault` in-game or `Fault#9610` on Discord) if you end up printing & enjoying the ship. Live long & prosper.


Mais Mk1



Ore Crates: 192 crates

A simple and cheap mining ship. Can be used as a hauler or a mining ship. Has 2 lasers, ISAN Mono, 1 ore collector, 1 material scanner. If you are looking to buy the ship, send the credits through the ingame mail to Miguell. After that, you can message me the proof on Discord (Miguel#1117) and I'll send you the blueprint as soon as possible.

BP: 80 K

HKAS YF-405 Octagram



Primary Thrusters: 36 units

The YF-405 Octagram is a more compact cousin of the YF-404. Small and less heavily armed, this ship made up for it with high maneuverability and acceleration, More over, the ship have increased armor, it can take a beating and still dish it out. Features: - 4 Laser cannons - Laser sights - Weapons power up/ down button - Small frontal profile - 3h flight time - Aiming mode -2-3 layers of armor

BP: 7 M

Challenger Exploratory Miner

Nomads [VIR] shipyards


Ore Crates: 76 crates

New from Nomads Shipyards, The Challenger is a long range top speed miner / explorer designed to reach any part of the belt with a strong 48 million propellant and an extra 14 fuel rods for 2 full refills and an extra 2 emergency rods for upwards of 24 hours contant gen usage. With 2 mining lasers, a material point scanner (that outputs materials in stacks) and a collector it's suited for fast and efficient mining. Features include : - Continuous ore scanner script - scripts for autonomous ship management - easy expandability with many free slots for any code you want to add -> Automated avoidance - Accurate 1 display fuel, propellant, coolant and battery time calculator - Isan Mono - Auto Laser convergence - 44 T2 Tris to reach 149 m/s and a loaded speed of 135 m/s - Easy 1 switch integrated Gen control system - Sufficient battery buffer to go straight to laser usage and full thrust - Incredibly high manoeuvrability - Simple and homey interior - Redundant Radiator cooling - 48 million propellant for 12.4 hours burn time - Around the clock technical support for the ship - Toggleable Laser pulse option - For Inquires about purchase please message Mito#5408 or join the Nomads discord

BP: 450 K

Solar_Explorer mk2



Ore Crates: 0 crates

144m/s full load - will max out as she burns prop. 16 T2 Box 16 T2 Triangle thrusters can run for 91:18 prop limited on 30 large prop tanks. This ship is built to augment Rods with Solar power - she should be able to sustain a 48,000KM trip. Fly for days just on a single set of rods. Extras to handle flying in the shadows. This is part of my utility series. No frills - cheap to make - gets the job done. Solar Explorer mk2 has traveled well over 100,000 km and made several moon / satellite landings Includes rotational yolo to keep the sun in line with the panels Includes an 'autothrust' yolo that is necessary for very long trips on solar ships Includes simple gen yolo that works best with solar

BP: 250 K




Primary Thrusters: 10 units

First version of the Marauder. it is not finished yet but it is usable. if there is a demand i will also release a version with a fast travel core. let me know if there is anything wrong with the ship. Specs - Speed 120 m/s - 1x Autocannon - 2x Small propellant tank - 2x small battery - 1x Tier 2 fuelchamber - 2x Tier 2 Generator - 2x Generator cooling rack - 10x Tier 2 triangle thruster - ISAN mono Ore Costs Aegisium - 4971 KV - 2.9 stacks Ajatite - 1994 KV - 1.2 stacks Arkanium - 129 KV - 0.1 stacks Bastium - 12362 KV - 7.2 stacks Charodium - 18396 KV - 10.6 stacks Exorium - 83 KV - 0.0 stacks Ice - 2000 KV - 1.2 stacks Karnite - 19 KV - 0.0 stacks Nhurgite - 1514 KV - 0.9 stacks Vokarium - 14244 KV - 8.2 stacks

Ship: 250 K

Haul It 1200

Happy Little Accidents


Ore Crates: 1,200 crates

The Haul It 1200 is a large hauler designed for long distance at a reasonable speed. Powered by a 21 ring Plasma Thruster and maneuvered by 56 Tier 2 Triangle thrusters The ship is able to reach 150m/s unloaded and 105 m/s loaded with the heaviest ore. The ship also has 1200 crates, 16 spare fuel rods, 20 large propellant tanks, 12 Batteries , Prop/rod timer, 110min x3 rod flight time, 470min prop flight time, 8 T1 enhanced fuel chambers, 24 tier 2 generators, Isan quad, prop/rod timer, Gen warmup, and The explody bits are Covered. Ship Is easy to Edit and Customize. Available as a Blueprint for 1,000,000 Credits Isan V2 Speeds: 100-105 m/s Full with heaviest ore (lukium) 145-150 m/s empty Bonus: 250k off Ghidorah mining ship with purchase

BP: 1 M

Freighter Container 8.64m x 3.36m x 2.88m *Blueprint Now Available*

Intergalactic Cargo Supplier Corporation


Item Crates: 1 crates

# FREIGHTER CONTAINER 8.64m x 3.36m x 2.88m ## This all purpose small freighter container is perfect for transportation of smaller to medium sized objects to avoid the mess of bolting things to your ship. It is easily adaptable to any larger transport ship via welding, bolting, cargo lock frame, or cargo lock beam. ICSC logo is shown for example purposes, your requested acronym or name will be placed in the same spots. ## ***Blueprint Now Available*** Minimum Order: 1 Units (1 unit = Freighter Container ) Price without parts or ore: 19,000.00 each. Price with ore: 17,000.00 each. **Details:** - Freighter comes prewired for opening the doors with power, just plug in one side and all 4 doors work. - Easily stackable for space saving. - Durability and protection! By using beams, your cargo is more protected from damage. - Good space for safe keeping of cargo for transportation. **Dimensions:** 8.64m Length x 3.36m Width x 2.88m Height **Examples of full cargo load:** 450 YOLOL Racks 144 Small Rechargeable Batteries 10 Advance Crafting Benches 48 Tier 1-3 Generator Fuel Chambers 48 Tier 1-3 Generator Units **Ore Required:** Ajatite Ore: 60kv (0.0 stacks) Bastium Ore: 4442kv (2.6 stacks) Valkite Ore: 45kv (0.0 stacks) Vokarium Ore: 7kv (0.0 stacks)

Ship: 19 K
BP: 80 K

[FREE]Brick 30-C-2

Duh idk


Item Crates: 3 crates

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you are reading this and the current Iive game is above build 701, please do not use this blue print as I have not updated it yet for B701+ 1. The more janky version of the original T10 hauler [B30C](, It flys, the Enhancer only works if you fly fwd (Credit to Mori Watari on YT), will not work if you don't have stable 50 fps 2. Two and a half hours flight time on one set of rods, 1 set of rods onboard, Five hours of prop flight time. ( Flight time script from Starbase-Nexus) 3. About 4 M for ore and printing assume no crafting was done, the budget is cutting real close so don't add anything to this ship 4. read the manual in the gallery. bp is free [here](





Primary Thrusters: 12 units

Small fighter with 4 autocannons and 1 laser cannon (in the nose of the ship), goes 150 MPS, ores required are not very expensive. Has burst fire, aim mode, gen control, ammo gauges, transponder switch off/ping/full-on, generator script

BP: 1.5 M


Toxic Designs


Ore Crates: 1,540 crates

Max efficiency plasma hauler We've fine tuned this hauler to have the perfect ratio between crates and speed for all your long range hauling needs. - 1540 crates - Range: 2250km dry, 1550km full @13T per stack (Ymrium) - Speed: 148m/s dry, 106m/s full @ 13T per stack (Ymrium) - Speedometer - Fuel/Prop percent, timer and range readouts - Near perfect balanced CoT/CoM for max efficiency - Warp Core in BP varient available Printed ship price is 3.45m Credits only is avilable but subject to market fluctuations Reprints are available in the case of unexpected disassembly Need more **Station Storage**? [ToxicPallet]( - 2016 crates Need a **Miner**? [ToxicEaterV3]( - 24 laser ring miner Need a non plasma **Hauler**? [Toxico]( - 1154 crates, 147 dry, 135 wet, no plasma

Ship: 3.45 M


Fusion Fleet Systems


Primary Thrusters: 16 units

# TIE-Avenger The TIE-Avenger is a budget Fighter with a top Speed of 135m/s This ship was designed to be a quick disposable fighter that packs a hell of a punch. ## Armament: - 2 side mounted Laser cannons. - 3 Layers of Charodium plating Armor around Critical components. - Armored cockpit with 2+ layers of Glass or armor in most places. ## Fuel - Uses 1 T2 Fuel rod. - Flight time of 2.2hrs per Fuel Rod. - 3 Million propellant gives the ship a 1-way Range of over 650km. ## Propulsion - Top speed of 135m/s - Cruise Control Toggle. - "Max Speed" Lever allows your to control you maximum thrust and stay in formation. ## Utilities - ISAN Mono - ISAN Waypoint System - Headings and Delta Indicators - Weapon/Ammo Readouts - Transponder Toggle - Two Resource Bridges - Fuel And Propellant Displays ## Print Price: 750,000 Credits ## Blueprint Price: 2,500,000 Credits ##### Sold by: Fusion Fleet Systems ##### Designed by Thrasos

Ship: 650 K
BP: 2.5 M

Dream Stealer

Dawnstar Shipyard


Dry Max Speed: 145 m/s

Dream Stealer is more a fun ship to have for a variety of things. May it be for upcoming Halloween events or to strike fear in enemy's eyes. Comes equipped with 10 T2/T3 thrusters going 150 m/s. 2 Autocannons out the mouth with Weapon Shutdown when not in combat. Will never run out of battery during combat because of the 2 T2 Fuel Chambers (w/enhancers) that is coupled with 6 T2 gen units & 4mil prop. Different GenRate buttons for Cruising or combat mode. Selling ship cheap just so we can all have fun with it. BP: 250k Company Discord: (Request for the business center)

BP: 250 K


NO Ships


Resource Bridges: 1 bridges

The whole idea with this ship is to create a cheap craftable ship for everyone to make. The total costs right now for the ship is 3 000 000, and 2 100 000 assembly costs. precraft everything and you should get a large ass hauler for the price of 3 500 000. Now about the ship itself: 1056 Ore Crates 144 m/s empty 70-100 m/s full 36 Generators 36 Fuel chambers Runtime fuel: 3h10m Runtime prop: 5h Asteroid avoidence system (actually working one)

BP: 5 M

Digger Donut

Ring Theory


Ore Crates: 144 crates

The Digger Donut is exactly what it sounds like. It is a donut that digs. Taking the torus to the next level, we have devised a ship you can effectively mine in while making others salivate over your sugary looks. With a solid number of cargo containers and decent speed, this is the perfect ship for safe zone mining or just parking outside the SSC to collect gawking eyes for your collection. Packed full of features and room for custom functionality, this ship will satisfy your sweet tooth. - 144 Cargo Containers - 130m/s Empty, 75m/s full --- - 3 Fuel Rod Refills worth of rod storage - 12 Medium Propellant Tanks - 4 Generator Sets (1 rod, 1 chamber, 3 generators) --- - Dedicated Mining Mode - 4 Pulsing mining lasers that auto-adjust their aim to a rangefinder - Material scanner that displays ore type, amount, and asteroid class - Resource bridge with togglable InFlow and OutFlow --- - Quad ISAN 2.5 + Velocity - Cruise and Turtle - Gas and Rod Timers - Togglable automatic generator management - Radiator-only system with radiation tracking - Pitch/Yaw/Roll Control Tweaking **Disclaimer**: I do **not** guarantee the functionality of this ship outside the safe zone. There are some questionable thruster overlapping spots and it's rather creaky while opening and closing the front hatches. I'm not sure the hinges are very happy...

BP: 500 K
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