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AZAKA Androneda

AZAKA Industries


Primary Thrusters: 80 units

Androneda is my pride and joy. It's a love project started in May. Originally intended to be a drone lead/commander, turned CLB Hauler for now. She can haul anything you want. Personally I've strapped 25 crates to it, went to Zone 5, handbolted 400 ore cubes to her, flown home. It can also be used as a luxerious exploration vehicle, give her a huge supply pack and you can fly for many, manyyyy days. She can also be used to haul a single C10 asteroid back to sell at the stations. features: * Top speed: 150++ m/s (Well above 150 m/s, so ample room to weigh her down with more cargo) * BigKaz OS: My operating system for ship controls. * Lever Sensitivity system: so that you can easily tune your ship controls. * Integrated AIM, CRUISE, and TURTLE with Lever Sensitivity System. * ISAN QUAD Navigation: Including ISAN's Navigation Bundle. * Excellent: Generator script that does not waste a drop of fuel, added generator 'floor' to keep generators warm if required.' - Crankhandle to restart gens. * Co-pilot seat - bring your friend! * Rear facing docking seat - easily dock that cargo! Print cost : Unavailable. Blueprint cost : Pay what you think it's worth to you. - Credits can be sent to Kap To get the blueprint, grab it from our discord: Note: If you got the BP from somewhere else, it's still very much recommended to jump on our discord, as there's info/help for how to use the ship/OS. ! :D

BP: 1

Pythagorean Longboard



Battery: 10,000 units

This ship is a player manipulable "Surfboard" style ship centered and precision balanced around a single t3 triangle thruster. Includes a t1 reactor for that long ride feel, take it deep into the belt and be comfortably sure you can find the materials for a refill and refuel. Better yet: carry some ice, nhurgite, and a crafting bench around in your pocket! If you are just cruising between stations, you can always refill via the built in resource bridge. The built-in lever deadman switch is the recommended form of travel so you don't lose your board when you fall off, but if you are crazy you can use the cruise mode. If you want to go have fun, go far, go fast, and go cheap, look no further than the the PythagoreanLongboard!

Ship: 15 K
BP: 100 K

Roid Catcher



Item Crates: 0 crates

The Roid Catcher is a new and improved version of the Asteroid Catcher (also built by SLI) featured in Bobkabobs video on the death of traditional mining. Don't buy a knock off when you can buy the real deal! Capable of 150 m/s when empty, and 130 m/s with 3 x Tier 10 asteroids. Powered by 90 Tier 2 Generators configured in an optimal layout, with 30 Fuel Chambers. Head out at max speed, grab your roids, then race back for an impressive payday! 4,000,000 Credits or 2,000,000 Credits + Ore Specs: - 3 Large Cargo Lock Cubes - Ore Scanner - Quad Isan - 30 Tier 2 Fuel Chambers - 90 Tier 2 Generators - 105 Batteries Ship Features Include: - Fully labelled ergonomic cockpit - Front and Rear facing cargo bay controls - Guide Rangefinders to line up asteroids - Automatic Generator Management - Snail (5%) and Turtle Mode (30%)

Ship: 4 M




Primary Thrusters: 234 units

The next gen haulers From Dragon_Ventures are here! With the support of our amazing customers and their feedback, combined with 100's more hours of SSC, YOLOL and gameplay to draw upon, we have created an even better hauler than our last-gen 480! As a thank you, returning customers of the Dragon_Haul_480 will receive a 500,000 credit discount on all models. This craft was created with the intention of offering 3 models for any customer to find one to match their gameplay style, and deliver exceptional performance to boot The 3 models are P-retty, E-fficiency and M-ining/military) (M model coming soon)! The E model is a good entry point, and you can upgrade later to the P model for 500,000 credits more, or to the upcoming M model for 1 million more! This is the E model, the de-facto successor to the Dragon_Haul_480! It is a hauling machine, with no extra thought given to anything but moving ores safely through the belt. The E model keeps the beam and crate spacebrick aesthetic, so it will not be winning awards for looks, but if you care about stats and stretching your credits, this is the ship for you. Ideal for new space-truckers who want the best entry level value on the market, or for solo miners bringing back their deep hauls, you will love this ship and watching the asteroids whiz by harmlessly as you count your stacks of credits! It comes in 2 engine loadouts, T2 for ultimate cut-throat price efficiency to get your ores where they need to be, or T3 engines when you care about time and need to be there ASAP. All models include the new 2.0 system of Asteroid avoidance, which has been updated to handle more edge cases, and fit onto one chip, whilst maintaining the same .6-.8 detection time of previous iterations! It will automatically cut throttle, hit the breaks and strafe away from the threat. Afterwards it will resume it's previous thrust, so you don't have to manually interact with it! But that is not all the protection you have! A 1 meter gapped and plated grille also defends your precious bits from the cold, hard, uncaring rocks, so anything your AA misses, it will catch for you! It also doubles up as a shroud to cover up the ugly look of hundreds of rangefinder beams. Repairability was also considered, so engine clusters and the front rangefinders are all able to be accessed easily due to the space left for plating the P model, and the cargolock is perfect for bringing spares along. All models include Cargolock frame to haul items and spare parts to where they need to go, all 3 crafting benches and ISAN navigation waypoint system, which can be operated from both the pilot seat and cabin. An avoid counting system lets you know how much frustration you have avoided while AFK, as well as blinking lights and sounds while the AA is avoiding if you are nearby so you can watch it go! A warp core is included by default, but can be stripped before printing your ship for additional space, which you can cram more ore crates, fuelrods, prop, a cargolock or more into! Blueprint Files will be delivered in a .rar file so you can choose which models and version to build, as well as a bundled user guide .txt so you can have common questions answered! This model's speeds as measured by transponder hide settings are as follows: T2/T3--Dry speed is ~145/150 m/s T2/T3--wet (14,000) speed is ~1115/136 m/s T2/T3--wet (24,600) speed is ~92/112 m/s T2/T3 (9536/5893) km Rod range, 36 gen units, 12 chambers w/ t1 enhancers. 24 backup rods T2/T3 (2604/1801) km propellent range with 9 large prop tanks. More can be added in the access halls/warpcore room if you need more range w/o a pit stop.

BP: 1.5 M

Argo Titan M1-F

Far Out Shipyard


Ore Crates: 700 crates

A heavy multi crew miner with responsive control, and a cockpit with good view. Charodium and bastium plating and double windows. Space to add extra devices. * 30 Tier 2 Generators and 10 T2 Fuel Chambers * 56 Fuel rod racks * Tier 2 Thrusters Tier 3 Nozzle * Cruise mode * ECO mode for generators * Radiators and Cooling rack * Great maneuverability * Redundant Radiator cooling * Fast Travel Core * Astroid Avoidance * 3 Mining Lasers * 6 Autocannons * 1 Autocannon turret /w mouse control * Rangefinders * Transponder * Snail and Turtel speed mode * Low fuel rod alarm * Adjustable mining lasers * Can easy land on the moon * Material scanner with readout

Ship: 12 M

Osprey Heavy Fighter



Flight Time: 6 hrs

Fly into battle with the Osprey Heavy Fighter. Featuring a unique thruster layout, the Osprey is able to easily out strafe opponents by altering multiple vectors at once. With the slim profile of a diving bird of prey, this makes it incredibly hard to hit. Made primarily out of large plated Charodium, and with a ship strength factor of over 20, the Osprey can tank damage easily without falling apart. The Osprey comes equipped with yolol code which allows it to switch between exponential and linear aiming, with adjustable sensitivity. This means as a pilot, you will be able to flip between high and low sensitivity at a moment's notice, making it much easier to track targets and ultimately take them down. With 4 weapon hardpoints and 2 optional tripod ports, the Osprey is both well armed and defended. The speed, durability, and offensive capabilities truly make the Osprey live up to it's namesake. Pick one up today and become king of the skies! - Unique strafing thruster layout - Adjustable targeting mode - Durable cockpit with excellent visibility - 4 weapon hardpoints - ISAN mono - 150m/s - Ports for optional tripod mounting - Easy fast travel core mounting Full demo video found here:

Ship: 3 M
BP: 20 M




Ore Crates: 448 crates

The HMV-MK1 is a heavy mining vessel with 448 cargo crates and plenty of thrust. Capable of tearing apart an asteroid in seconds using a fully custom mining script that controls quad mining lasers and speeding back to origin at 75 m/s fully laden (90 m/s empty). Ship functions include ISAN, automatic approach and emergency breaking, toggleable automining, two turtle modes (15% and 30%), range controlled ore scanner, and a more accurate speedometer. Price is 2.5m credits + Ores in stock configuration. Design is modular and can be customised for more speed / less cargo or more cargo / less speed. Specs: - 4 Mining Lasers - 448 Cargo Crates - Quad ISAN - 108 Batteries - 24 T2 Rods - 48 T2 Generators - 48m Propellant - 90 m/s Empty - 75 m/s Full - Automatic Asteroid Approach and Breaking Emergency Breaking - Toggleable Automatic Mining - Generator Management - Snail (15%) and Turtle Mod (30%) - Rangefinder controlled ore scanner - Custom speedometer for more accurate speed readings Ores: Aegisium - 46.9 stacks Ajatite - 10.1 stacks Arkanium - 1.1 stacks Bastium - 218.2 stacks Charodium - 87.7 stacks Exorium - 11.2 stacks Ice - 25.5 stacks Nhurgite - 42.6 stacks Vokarium - 68.9 stacks Images:

Ship: 2 M
BP: 10 M

The Reaper

[TSEC] Cuanto


Dry Max Speed: 150 m/s

¡The first Destroyer capable of firing missiles and guided torpedoes! Made by Golden Bolt Labs in colaboration with Endonet Solutions, this beast is designed to hit and run tactics. The first TSEC destroyer is meant to do that, destroy. In a wide variety of styles, being it flak cannons, lasers, but specially MISSILES and TORPEDOES! Its slim shape allows this ship to aproach its target very fast, and oneshot its enemies, from fighters to carriers, while dodging all the incoming attacks. Excellent and smooth maneuverability, and 150m/s make this ship the best combat spaceship in the whole TSEC ship tree. Harvest your enemies soul with The Reaper and show your true nature.

Ship: 1.2 M


Seductive Banana


Ore Crates: 351 crates






Ore Crates: 164 crates

Deepspace solo/duo mining ship. 4 Mining Lasers 2 Collectors Autopilot(waypoint based)/Duo'd with CAS system(No need to micromanage both they are synced!) Functional Armor tested and built reliably --A combined work totaling 240 hours in design and YOLO concept work-- Solar Panel system allows for conservative flight on extremely long trips system is will WiP to maximize efficiency but current iteration allows for a +2 hour flight gain if micromanaged.

Ship: 2 M

KIRA Medium Fighter

Void Syndicate


Dry Max Speed: 110 m/s

Say Hello to the Kira Medium Fighter. This ship was designed based on old-school spaceship fighters. The ship has some weight to it, covered in Charodium plate, and double Charodium plate on most of the fighter. Ship Sold Without Cannons to keep the cost down. - 200K + Ores for Ship w/o Cannons - 300K for Ship w/o Cannons - BP: Not Currently For Sale.

Ship: 200 K




Primary Thrusters: 6 units

The Diamondback is a max speed fighter fitted with four laser cannons. Designed by PIRATES, the winners of Atlas's most recent season, this fast boy will catch any ship trying to run home to peacephase(majinkek) and/or handholding allies. The Diamondback design was inspired by the A-wing fighter from the original non-crap Stars Wars. This ship is armored with Charodium/Aegisium and is capable of sustained fire without depleting batteries. YARRRR!!! Price Armed Ship - 1,100,000 + Ores Specs: -150m/s -4 Laser Cannons -5 T3 Generators(T1 enchanced) -2 T3 Fuel Chambers(T1 enchanced) -3 Batteries -2 small Propellant Tanks -All explosive areas armored with multiple layers of Charodium

Ship: 1.1 M
BP: 2 M


GK Industry


Primary Thrusters: 16 units

Hello, This is MEDUSA, it's a light refueller (144M propellant) . It can go to the MAX Speed. There are 3 light mode, sequential, on and off. ISAN MONO 2.5.3 and fuel rod optimized. Auto turn off and on for generator. PM me on discord to get the ship.

Ship: 800 K

Fahlore Mk1

Aurumshell Industries


Primary Thrusters: 6 units

| Type | Price | | --- | --- | | ======= | ======= | | Armed | 960,000 | | Unarmed | 780,000 | | ======= | ======= | --- \ Small, fast, and absolutely deadly. The Fahlore Mk1 is a light fighter able to reach the maximum speed of 150m/s while boasting a high firepower. Its small profile and high maneuverability makes it very difficult to target, making it ideal for hit-and-run tactics. The cockpit not only gives you high visibility for maximum visual awareness, but also completely enclosed to protect you from incoming fire. The fighter comes equipped with 2x Laser Cannons if you opt for the "armed" option. --- # Specifications: - 150m/s top speed - Full aegisium platings. - 600km max range - T3 thrusters with T2 converters. - T3 generator units. - 4x Weapon hardpoints --- # Features: - ISAN Mono - Delta readout - Smart generator - Combat mode - Cruise & Slow mode - Collision avoidance --- # Manueverability: [llllllllll] Forward Thrust [lllllll...] Reverse Thrust [lllllllll.] Yaw [lllllllll.] Pitch [lllllllll.] Roll [llllllll..] Up/Down [lllllll...] Left/Right --- \ Every purchase comes with troubleshooting support in case you encounter any problems!

Ship: 960 K
BP: 8 M

Scarab SRV



Item Crates: 0 crates

Designed as a support vessel for the LLROE fleet, this ship excels in it's job as both a fuel tanker, and a search and rescue ship. Features include: - 90 million propellant in cargo tanks, 8 million in main drive tanks - Automatically toggled fuel controls, so you don't burn your cargo traveling, and don't transfer your main drive tanks to your target - Space for up to 18 extra fuel rods - Automated fuel transfer system, to maintain balance and not end up with an off-axis center of mass - Integrated ISAN 2 Quad and waypoint system - Intuitive MFDs with detailed status reports on your ship - Easy access to all ship internals, for repairs if necessary - Asteroid avoidance system - Easy to bolt on ore stacks for repairing others if necessary, can support up to 16 ore stacks with minor speed penalties - Extensive YOLOL automation, for ease of use

Ship: 900 K


Leolix Shipyard


Primary Thrusters: 12 units

Morning-star ======= Strength factor 91.7, Leolix shipyard is proud to present the "Morning-Star", he's designed to escort bigger ships and do some dogfight, he is highly manoeuvrable and can drift around a target easily (levers for yaw and pitch or set to 25 an -25 output but some prefer more turning so i left some margin to play there *pics). The controls are pretty basic, just a simple "shoot" button for a spacebar keybinding and the white button is "autoshoot" with rangefinder like for straight lines targeted ships. There is hinges with accesses for small prop tanks, sockets generator, yolols rack (10 free slots) and cooling cells. On the top and the bottom u have 2 racks where u can put stuff, i bolted a extra bit of ammo and there is already 4 aux. batteries with different priorities. Charodium plating on all the ship + a double layer on sensible parts, can be changed with bastium for 146-147m/s. I give the BP of autocannon and laser with the same strength factor so u can chose wich one u prefer to build or both ^^ Morning-star can take a few hits, i kept the cockpit basic but the beam are set to put a canopy of course the ship is fully ducted so u can rearrange the cockpit to ur desire, strength factor shouldn't be a problem this time. ## Features : ------------- - Autoshoot // credits to Xuan - Avoid // Archaegeo - Approach // Archaegeo - Display % Batteries Rods Gas and individual progress bars for rods // myself - Diagnostic display, durability, strength factor // myself - Generator manager // Jericho - Turtle and Cruise ## Components : -------------- - 2 T2 Fuel chambers - 6 T2 Generators - 1 Large propellant tank - 2 small propellant tanks - 32 T2 Maneuvering Thrusters - 4 T3 Maneuvering Thrusters - 8 T2 Triangle Thrusters box forward - 4 T3 thrusters Box - 12 Cooling cells - 14 Batteries - 8 Radiators ext. - 2 Radiators base - 2 RangeF. I'll keep it updated as long as i play* * Don't hesitate to message me on discord i will help the best i can if you have any trouble.

BP: 8 M


Cafe Incorporated


Primary Thrusters: 8 units

**Welcome to the new fighter from Cafe.Inc code named "AVIA"** --- Avia Mk.1 can reach a top speed of 150m/s and with dual auto cannons you are surely to do some pain to enemy ships. Avia has 2mil propellent for long rang fight support tasks Avia has Charoduim plating for enhanced durability --- Check out all of our ships and test fly them at our discord link below \/ *

Ship: 480 K
BP: 600 M




Primary Thrusters: 14 units

Name'd after one of Odins two ravens, Huginn is a long range escort and reconnaissance ship designed to follow larger ships without the need for resupply. It is also set up to remotely designate targets for torpedo ships. While not the fastest bird, its strong focus on vertical maneuverability allows is to fly at a high offset angle to the main thrust vector, enabling "Off-FlightVector" strafing runs and very tight turning circles. Designer : Barney Weight: 1.5mT Thrust: - 3.9M Normal - 5M Boost mode - 12x T2/3H Triangle + 2x T2/3H Box Power: - 4x T2 3Gen&FuelCh, 20x Bat. - Cooling via radiators (ish90%RadRate @100%FuelRate) - PowerRate at 100%Thrust = 20% Endurance: - MaxSpeed 115ish m/s - Range 1000km - MaxFlightTime 2.9h (2.5h in Off-ThrustVector flight. Hydrogen: 8M (2xMediumTank) Weapons: 4x LaserCannon Sensors: 2x RangeFinder, TargetDesignator, Quad ISAN Armor: Agesium plated main hull. Charodium inner plating for critical areas. SYSTEMS The Huginn is equipped with a MultiFunctionDisplay based glass cockpit. It features four MFDs which allow the pilot to display any system on any monitor. Systems use a one button setup with "short press/long press" options for mode toggle and editing. The cockpit also features a Data Entry Display (DED) for inputting values to the different systems. MFD Integrated Systems: - ISAN (Community open source GPS system) Option for entering "Streamer mode" - FCU, Flight Control Unit. Flight Modes: Normal, Boost, Docking. Cruise Control toggle. - SYS, Systems Overview. Shows overall status of utilities. Toggle power modes: Demand/Eco and Fixed Power Rate. Fixed rate is editable through DED. - UTIL, Detailed systems info. Fuel, Cooling, Batteries, Hydrogen etc... - WPNS, Weapon modes and critical info. - AMMO, Pr.gun ammo status - TARGET, Laser and Designator info. Options for range, designator code and audible feedback of target track. - WAYPT, Waypoint selection and edit. 5 custom waypoints. Editable name and position through DED. Option for quick mark of current position. - NAV, Current flight vector and Waypoint distance/track offset info. Additional Systems: - Cockpit and Util Hatch status tracking and sequencing. - External lighting (fixed / strobe pattern) - Optional EUR style LE flashing. - Alarm System. Alarms for Fuel, Power, Propellant, Cooling, Hatch Status while flying, SafeZone transition. (Space in YOLOL for more) Known Bugs: - [FIXED] Missing Fuel-Line to resource port. - Missing LaserMagazine Active Ammo. (Known game bug, ship spawns with only one out of four mags fully loaded)

Ship: 5 M


Atlas Drive Yards


Ore Crates: 112 crates

A cheap and useful ship, the Bearback is fit for any Endo seeking an upgrade from their starter vessel. Featuring ISAN Quad, generator management, 2 mining lasers and an ore collector; this ship is fully fledged with the capabilities of more expensive vessels but remains at an affordable price. With space for yolol chips, buttons, displays and space for more thrusters, you can use the Bearback to learn how to modify a ship and to code! The ship has 112 ore crates which makes it fit for safezone mining and with it's strong frame, even a little outside. To protect you on your ventures, there is charodium armour around the explosive parts and the fuel and batteries are strategically placed to avoid the destruction of your ship. While the ship is limited by it's propellant, there is a re-fuelling system onboard to allow you to refuel from either a station or another ship. specifications: 1.8 hours propellant 6.44 hours fuel 830km range 5,000,000 propellant 2,100,000 fuel + 600,000 spare 2 spare fuel rods ISAN quad Turtle mode Cruise mode Laser pulse mode Doors over the fuel rods Flashing transponder light Refuelling system 2 resource anchors Tier 2 parts Will respond relatively fast, UK based Will give a 10% discount if you hit like and give proof Brought to you by Aegis Ship Yards

BP: 200 K




No attributes :-(

in development


Debug Ship



Assembly Cost: 0 credits

This is a debug ship. please ignore it.


X-Bagger GW



Ore Crates: 1,056 crates

The Henry X-Bagger (Cross-Bagger) is designed for instant annihilation of the biggest available asteroids within less than 30 seconds. The GW variant is fitted with a warp drive for moon mining. It has 20 Mining Lasers and 4 Collectors (yes, they keep up! :D) Its cargo hold and high maneuverability pair perfectly for very profitable mining skirmishes. The pilot is able to choose from a variety of mining methods such as smart mining, manual mode and varying intensities for the laser grid. The pilot seat can be moved into perfect observation position with the press of a button. Many great features are available to aid with quality of life and ease of use, check the specs for more.

Ship: 15 M
BP: 20 M

The MoneyShot-NG

The Merchants Guild


Ore Crates: 108 crates

The MoneyShot: NutGrinder Special or The MS-NG is the Economy Model of the MS Series. Effectively the start of the MS Line, it was initially built because of a guild member's request for "a bigger Worker Ant". The first model became the launching point for both the MS-XL-RJ as well as this "custom" ascetic model from said guild member. Basic ISAN V2 and Generator Script Max Speed (Empty): 145m/s Max Speed (Bastium): 110 m/s Max Speed (Exorium): 88m/s Flight Time before Fuel Rod Swap: 52 minutes Min Distance: 470km Flight Time With Fuel Rods: 1 Hour & 54 minutes Max Distance: 1031km Propellant Distance: 1031km Warp Class: -5.3 (Empty) -2.24 (Exorium) 34 Batteries 2 T1 Fuel Chambers 6 T1 Generators 4 Spare T1 Fuel Rods 6 Small Propellant Tanks 20 T1 Triangle Thrusters 12 T1 Box Thrusters 12 Maneuvering Thrusters

Ship: 400 K
BP: 1 M

Gamma Tuna

Gamma Ship Company


Flight Time: 3 hrs

The Tuna is made for groups to have a way to easily and reliably repair their damaged ships. Originally a custom ship, the design team loved its concept so much that we decided to work on it more and make it a product. The ship is made to carry a small load of parts that can get any ship up and running good enough to get home. It contains the following hardware: - A Tailgate! - 4 t2 Box-Thrusters - 2 t2 Generators, each with an additional unit - 4 Small Propellant Tanks - 5 Batteries - 1 Small Receiver - Advanced Mono ISAN - Efficient Fuel Consumption YOLO - Headlights The ship is encased in a charodium shell, with a small window in the front that is housing the cockpit. The ship has 2 entry points, which is a door on the left of the ship that can be opened via buttons or handles, and the bed of the shuttle. The wiring is exposed so you can quickly troubleshoot, and fix any damaged network cables or pipes. The back of the ship can hold multiple box thrusters, batteries, engines, fuel rods, and propellant tanks with ease. The ship moves at a moderate speed of around 80m/s under load, and handles well. A monitoring panel has also been provided for you to keep track of fuel levels, etc.

Ship: 300 K
BP: 600 K
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